Mimos by Rachel Lima

Galaxy’s Offer

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Revel in the glimmer of Galaxy’s Offer.


The galaxy design is inspired by the beauty of natural occurrences that surround us. This piece is designed with the subtle allure of magenta as the primary color against the vivid glow of specks like the ­image of a wondrous night sky. The deep purple concerted at its midst draws focus on the gold detail akin to a branching pattern found in nature.


It’s symmetrical pattern with edges gracefully curved out to form sharp corners, perfect for an interior that pays attention to balance and congruence. Galaxy’s Offer is an artistic tray that can hold your valuable trinkets while bringing an aura of gallant wonder to your home.




At Mimos by Rachel Lima, each piece is a delicate handiwork infused with the unique artistry of their maker. An order can also be personalized to fit a specific request so the art piece can resonate with your vision and identity.


Unlike more than a few art pieces in the market, our brand remains grounded in our social realities. With this principle, 5% of our profits go directly to charities for people who have suffered abuse in hoping that as I myself found liberation in art, many will find comfort in it too.